The Cash-Back Bonus in Online Casinos

Online casinos offer many different bonuses to their players in hopes of gathering new members and keeping their existing ones happy. The rarest of these bonuses is undoubtedly the cash back bonus and it is often reserved for VIPs and high-rollers.

Bonus Types

There are many different bonuses from which casino-goers can choose, but the largest sums of money associated with the fewest wagering requirements are the most popular. Welcome bonuses, referral bonuses and even deposit bonuses are all very common and extremely popular, but the cash-back bonus is the most lucrative in the industry. The reasons for this are many and are discussed in detail below.

Why the Cash-Back Bonus is So Rare

Cash-back bonuses are rare because they essentially provide players with a reimbursement of a percentage of all of the cash they have spent in an online casino over time. This percentage is usually small and between 1% and 5%, but it can really add up for high-rollers. In some cases, players must gain VIP status before this bonus type becomes available. Additionally, players will need to make sure to read the terms and conditions associated with the bonus before attempting to cash it out.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions associated with cash-back bonuses vary from casino to casino. While some venues will allow players to immediately cash them out and others will bypass the online account and simply mail players a check, others impose wagering restrictions that force players to spend more money in order to withdraw their bonus cash. This is to be expected, and players should read the terms and conditions to get the lowdown before agreeing to any bonus type.

Cash-back bonuses are very popular in that they indicate VIP status and are only awarded to the cream of the crop players in any online venue. Though small, they are often immediately available, unlike other bonus types.