A Review of Microgaming Software

Since 1994, Microgaming has been providing some of the world's most played and favored casino games. Most players state that they choose Microgaming for several reasons, though the security of the software and the customer service are top-notch.

General Information

In a nutshell, Microgaming software is easy for users to navigate and easy to understand. The process of dealing the cards in such games is slower, however, and though this may be seen as a positive for some players, others find it quite frustrating. When it comes to account management and customer service, Microgaming excels and certainly leads the competition. The table limits are generally fair and seek to appeal to players of all social statuses, regardless of their income levels.

Varying Platforms

While many of the smaller online gambling software development companies offer only a few games for the PC platform, Microgaming offers hundreds of games in multiple variations that are playable from PC, tablet, mobile phone and even television applications in some locations. Consumers enjoyed this flexibility and stated that accessing their online accounts from any location was a plus, especially during subway commutes or while in doctors' waiting rooms.


Of course, most people play online casino games in an attempt to win jackpots, and Microgaming is certainly not stingy in that regard. With Mega Moolah slots offering up prizes of more than one million dollars on a regular basis, players have an opportunity to change their lives forever. Though the simpler slot machines like three-reel and penny slots only offer jackpots of a few hundred dollars, these are also very popular and provide astounding player odds.

Microgaming is one of the world's leading online gambling software providers for many reasons, but the sheer excitement that comes from playing their games is certainly known by hundreds of thousands of players around the world.